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Beach Flag / Wind Flag

Signboard Johor Baru offers Custom flags in various shapes and materials. Wind Flags are the ideal way to market your event and get your brand in front of as many people as possible. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. They come in a variety of different sizes for all your business needs.

Take your pick from teardrop or feather flags, suitable for indoor and outdoor use and in a range of sizes, from 2.3 meter to 4.5 meter height. All our wind flags come with a flag pole, compact carry case and an optional sturdy base or spike to keep it upright in windy conditions.

Sandy beaches, roaring waves, beautiful weather, and your name is at the centre of it all.
Beach Flag Wind Flag From Signboard
Feather, Blade, Teardrop And Rectangle Beach Flags.
Signboard produces stunning custom feather flags and teardrop flags. Our prices simply cannot be beaten for feather flags of this quality. Using the dye-sublimation print process our flags burst out with vibrant colour, ensuring they are seen and noticed.

The beach flags have the shape of a feather, blade, teardrop and rectangle and are available in four sizes: small (2.8 meter Height), medium (3.4 meter Height), large (4.5 meter height and extra large (5.6 meter height).

Quality Flag Finishing.
Quality finishing, including reinforcing panels and overlocking stitching means that your flag will stand up to the weather. We have a range of sizes and shapes to suit your project. Flag Bases include the popular water-bag, heavy-duty water-base, metal plates and strong metal ground spikes or pegs.

The flags are made of mesh and windproof, washable polyester flag fabric, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Beach flags are used in a wide variety of businesses; from beach restaurants to banks. Beach flags have a large printable area, making them suitable for printing company logos or slogans.

Get All Your Business And Exhibition Materials Printed In One Place.
We can also help with roll-up banners, window stickers, lightboxes, vouchers, cut-out lettering signs, signboards, billboards, and more. Get your beach flags or wind flags from us today!
Need Professional Design Help?
If the thought of designing is overwhelming for you or you just don’t have time to do it yourself, our team of graphic designers can help you with your design needs with a minimum design fee.

What Colour is a flag for windy weather?

Flags are often used to signal weather conditions to people outdoors. For example, a red flag means that the wind is blowing strongly and that people should be cautious. In the same way, a flag of a certain color can indicate that the weather is going to be windy.

What do black and white flags mean on the beach?

There are a few different flags that are flown on beaches, each with their own specific meaning. The black and white flag is typically flown to indicate that the beach is unsafe for swimming. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as dangerous waves or sharks in the area.