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Johor Billboard Hoarding Fabricator
Billboard Hoarding Johor Bahru
Billboard Hoarding Construction, Printing & Installation

Signboard provides construction, printing and installation of Billboard and Hoarding Signage, Large Fencing or Wall Banners. It’s a highly cost-effective advertising space to showcase your development and attract sales.
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Our dedicated signboard & installation team in Johor Bahru has the industry knowledge and experience to produce and install customised, durable outdoor and indoor signage.
Whether you need to start from scratch or you have an idea and want us to bring it to life, we are here to help deliver the right signboard solution for your location, expectations and budget.

What is difference between billboard and hoarding?

Billboard and hoarding are actually two different types of outdoor advertising. Here is a closer look at the differences between these two types of advertising:

Billboards are usually large structures that are placed on busy roadsides or in high traffic areas. They are often used to advertise products or services to passing motorists. Hoardings, on the other hand, are smaller structures that are placed in strategic locations such as near shopping centres or busy pedestrian areas. They are often used to promote special offers or discounts on products and services.

What are the different types of billboards?

There are many different types of billboards, each with its own unique purpose and design. The different types of billboards include static, digital, and animated billboards.

Are billboards still relevant?

With the rise of digital marketing, some have proclaimed that traditional advertising methods like billboards are no longer relevant. However, billboards still play an important role in marketing, for several reasons. First, billboards are difficult to ignore – they are large, often brightly-colored, and impossible to miss when you’re driving down the highway. Second, they have a wide reach, able to target both local and national audiences. And finally, they are relatively affordable, especially when compared to other forms of advertising. When used correctly, billboards can be a powerful marketing tool.