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Tension Fabric Booth

Signboard offers a wide variety of stretch fabric architecture, exhibition and custom event products that can be used both indoors and out to provide dramatic visual impact and pull guests to hot spots of importance.

Use our stretch fabric exhibition products for promotions, room dividers, projection surfaces, ceiling decorations and backdrops, collectively as effective attention grabbers at festivals, conferences, events, trade shows, or anywhere you want to get noticed.

Portable Tension Fabric Booth
Each pop up exhibition wall is supplied with wheeled carry bag, one per singular display making storage and transportation between events hassle free.
Tension Fabric Booth from Signboard
Advantages of Tension Fabric Booth
Printability – you can have any image, digital artwork or logo applied to your stretch fabric product to promote your unique brand and convey your marketing messages. Providing an eye-catching promotional exhibition structure that will grab attention.

Quality Construction – We have extensively researched the best methods and materials to bring you the highest quality, longest lasting stretch products available.

Innovation – Our innovative dimensional shapes are available for nearly any application you can imagine.

Flexibility of Use – Great for indoor or outdoor use, permanent architectural pieces, or temporary events, our stretch products can be used wherever and whenever you need them.

Convenience – Our stretch architecture is lightweight, cost-effective, tool-less, easy to install and a snap to pack down for transit.

Hanging Tension Fabric Displays
A hanging tension fabric display is a type of display that is hung from the ceiling instead of being placed on the floor like other traditional displays. It is modeled after hanging signs. Signs that hang are a beautiful way to draw attention to an exhibit hall. You can elevate this further by utilizing a tension fabric trade show display. Because of their elevated position, others can better see the gorgeous graphics you have to offer. You can also use this to take advantage of vertical space.
Backlit Tension Fabric Displays
Tension fabric displays are already an incredible way of creating visual impact and drawing attendees to the trade show. However, you can take this to another level entirely by adding backlighting. Backlighting is the process by which light is added to illuminate graphics from behind which creates a glow and helps to enhance the details of the design displayed. Typically, with tension fabric, the lights will be sewn into the back of the fabric so that the light can shine out and create a brilliant, sturdy display after it is set up.

This type of display works well for those trade shows where the merchant is trying to create a focal point for a much larger display. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it can also serve as a way for merchants to draw attention to a small display. It is also a way to put your messaging or branding in a clear and definitive manner.

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