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Johor Event Structure Rental
Event & Exhibition Equipment Rental

Signboard Johor Bahru provides one-stop service solution for exhibition & event equipment and props rental. The event equipment rental or hire options available to you include Partition Board, Truss System, Backdrop Stand, Queue Stand & Divider, Stage, Portable Display, Counter, Sound and Lightings, Canopy & Marquee Tent.
  • Truss System, System Display
  • Backdrop Graphic Stand
  • Stage, Lightings, Canopy Tent, Exhibition Booth Johor

What are the 2 types of exhibition?

An exhibition is basically a public display of something, whether it’s a collection of artworks, products, or something else. There are two main types of exhibitions: those that are organized by a company or institution, and those that are put on by an individual. Organized exhibitions are usually larger and more complex, with a specific goal or theme in mind. Individual exhibitions, on the other hand, are typically smaller and more intimate. They often focus on a single artist or body of work.
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