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Booklet & Catelogue Printing

At Signboard, we use high-tech printing processes and design methods for custom size booklet printing in Johor Bahru. We offer many paper and card stock materials options to help you create the best Booklets & Catalogues for your business.

Booklets & Catalogues are multipurpose, informational, and one of the most affordable marketing tools you can use for your business. Our printing capabilities give you superior quality and competitive prices, we can deliver large quantities of finished products in the shortest time possible.

High-tech printing processes and design methods for custom size booklet printing
Booklet Printing from Signboard
Trust Your Book Printing Project To Signboard.
Impress your customers and readers with a professionally printed catalog or magazine. With our variety of paper stocks and binding types, Signboard has options for just about every budget.

We offer Hard Cover, Soft Cover, Board Cover with saddle stitched and perfect bind, a fantastic range of paper option, quality binding and finishes to create your good quality printed booklet.

Customers use our booklet printing service for brochures, reports, magazines, manuals, reference books and corporate documents. The printed booklet remains one of our most popular products among small and large businesses alike.

For Menu Printing, you may also check out our Hard Menu Cover.
Get All Your Business And Exhibition Materials Printed In One Place.
We can also help with gift bag, magnet, label sticker, tent card, notebook, calendar, wall poster, signboard and more. Get your Great quality booklet and catalogue printing jobs are done from us today!
Need Professional Design Help?
If the thought of designing is overwhelming for you or you just don’t have time to do it yourself, our team of graphic designers can help you with your design needs with a minimum design fee.
Types of Book Binding To Consider.
Perfect Binding
If your document is too thick to be saddle-stitched or stapled, then perfect bound book printing is your perfect option.

Perfect bind printing is commonly used for magazines, brochures and thicker booklets and reports, this method binds your document together with adhesive along the spine to provide a smooth and stylish finish. When designing your perfect bound book you need to allow 12mm safe area at the spine edge of the first and last inside text page and inside front and back cover page.

Saddle Stitch
We have the perfect solution for printing your annual reports, magazines, brochures, and other booklets – saddle-stitched books.

Saddle-stitched means binding pages together using staples (known as stitches) along the spine. This is a straightforward technique for documents up to 64 printed pages, giving you a professional finish with sharp, vibrant color at a low price.

Hard Cover
Chipboard 1500gsm + Gloss Art Paper 150gsm

Hardcover books, also known as case-bound books, are all about showcasing quality. With a sleek, sturdy look and prominent sizing, Hardcover books to protect more than 200 pages of pictures and text. With multiple convenient sizes to choose.


What is the difference between book and booklet?

A booklet is a compact bound book with a restricted number of pages and a paper cover. A booklet, as its name implies, is often smaller than most novels. For example, a printed booklet in the size of 5.5″ x 8.5″ is highly common.

Is booklet and brochure the same?

Some people confuse booklets with brochures because they often use the term “brochure” to refer to a multi-page brochure, which is essentially a booklet. The difference between brochures and booklets is that brochures are usually folded, but booklets are bound and have several pages.