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Banner / Bunting / Backdrop

Signboard Vinyl Banner Tarpaulin Printing in Johor Bahru provides top quality, custom vinyl PVC Vinyl Banner Printing in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials. Our indoor and outdoor PVC Banners are perfect for heavy duty, long standing promotions, Mesh Banners are ideal for windy spots. Your banners are made to last, giving you reliability and great value.

Whether you’re advertising your event, putting up stage backdrop, exhibiting your product or wishing someone a happy birthday, our vinyl banners let everyone know what’s on your mind. Strong and long-lasting, great for conferences, events and exhibitions.

Banner Printing
Backlit Banner, Frontlit Banner, Mesh Banner, Fabric Banner, Art Canvas
Banner Printing From Signboard
Cheap or High Grade Durable Vinyl Materials.
Our custom printed banners are made from 100% vinyl material with thickness options of 320gsm, 380gsm, 400gsm, 420gsm (blockout tarpaulin), 440gsm and 510gsm.

Vinyl banners work for general announcements. They are durable enough to withstand even the harshest of elements outdoors. We have all the indoor and outdoor banners you could ever need. Make sure your brand gets noticed in a big way.

Whether they’re displayed outdoors along a main road or indoors at your trade show booth. Choose from a wide variety of vinyl banner printing options that built to withstand the weather to pole banners that catch a passerby’s eye.

Signboard offers quality banner printing services that let you hang, roll up, store, or display banners all year-round. Your banners are made to last, giving you reliability and great value.
Get All Your Business And Exhibition Materials Printed In One Place.
We can also help with display stands, PVC foam board signs, flyers, pin badge window stickers, vehicle wrap, and more. Get your Great quality banner printing jobs done from us today!
Custom Banner Types That We Can Produce.
Stand banners come with stands and are normally displayed indoors at trade shows and conferences.

Hanging banners are designed and finished with pipes and rope, grommets (eyelets) and a welded hem for added strength. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use for businesses, events or any special occasion.

Fabric banners are wrinkle and stain-resistant, making them the perfect backdrop for both indoor and outdoor events.

Mesh banners are used in windy locations. They are printed on a polyester material that allows 25% airflow to pass through. These are typically seen on fences and high-rise buildings.

Pole banners let you promote your event or business outdoors where it can be seen by both pedestrians and motorists.

Step and repeat banners are used for corporate events and are usually filled with company logos. They serve as a backdrop for photos in parties and other big events.

Billboard and Hoarding Banners use thicker materials and are finished according to the board or frame requirements and installation needs. They are durable enough to take a beating of outdoor elements over a period of time.


Which resolution is best for banner printing?

Small to medium graphics should ideally have a resolution of roughly 100-125 PPI (DPI), whereas bigger images (say 10m x 1m) should have a resolution of 80 PPI (DPI).

What is the best image size for a banner?

Full Width Images
Hero photos, full-screen slideshows, and banner images are examples of these regions. The suggested size for full width photographs is 2400x1600px to guarantee that they look excellent on any screen, large or small.

What is the difference between a bunting and banner?

Bunting can be any of several songbirds, usually of the genus emberiza, with short bills and brown or grey plumage, whereas a banner is a flag or standard used by a military leader, monarch, or nation.