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Paper Bag Printing

Paper bags are a wonderful ecological option as they are durable and recyclable. At Signboard Johor Bahru, we supply top quality custom promotional Paper Bags with extraordinary printing at great prices.

Your selection of packaging is important on many levels but most importantly it adds value to your merchandise and gives an experience to your customers. You want every transaction to be special and memorable so people will return to your business again and again.

Quality & Durable Paper Bag Printing
Paper Bag Printing From Signboard
Our Paper Bags Are Biodegradable.
Paper bags are the classic and elegant shopping bag option. Today, beside classic look they are the most bio-based, biodegradable option on the market. We use brown craft paper, art or ivory paper with any print or design.
Craft Paper Bags For Organic Markets.
As a cheaper alternative to luxury paper bags, twisted handle Craft paper bags are ideal for tradeshows, exhibitions, and retail stores that see a high turnover on a daily basis. They are an affordable packaging solution for supermarkets and takeaway restaurants, and perfect for organic markets, deli counters, and boutiques
Luxury Paper Bags For Retail & Promotions.
A packaging essential for fashion houses, bespoke jewelers, cosmetic and fragrance brands, luxury gift retailers, gourmet food outlets, footwear and handbag designers, chocolatiers, and home décor boutiques, printed luxury paper bags not only protect the goods inside, but they serve as a status symbol on the high street. They are practical, portable, and packed with functionality, making them an investment for brands big and small.
Building Your Brand with Printed Eco Bags.
Since eco-bags are eco friendly they leave no toxic wastes which are very harmful for our environmente. Global warming, air and water pollution are just some of the adverse impacts that plastic bag production and usagecauses. Plastics you must realize are not bio-degradable & are not only choking our environment & but also irreparably damaging the sea & marine life.

For other Bag Options, please Browse our Eco Tote Bag range.

Get All Your Business And Exhibition Materials Printed In One Place.
We can also help with banner, fridge magnet, tent card, button badge, notebook, label sticker, posters and more. Get your quality bags and printing jobs done from us today!
Need Professional Design Help?
If the thought of designing is overwhelming for you or you just don’t have time to do it yourself, our team of graphic designers can help you with your design needs with a minimum design fee.

Which bag is most environment friendly?

The paper bag is the most environment friendly bag because it can be used multiple times and does not require the use of resources to produce.
  1. It can be used multiple times.
  2. It does not require the use of resources to produce.
  3. It is made from recycled materials.

Is Eco bag is recyclable?

Yes, eco bags are recyclable, reusable and bio-degradable.

What is eco bag made off?

Eco bag is made up off bio-degradable materials.