Round Button Badge

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Shape & Size


Product Size: 25mm, 32mm, 37mm, 44mm, 50mm, 58mm, 75mm

Top Laminate: MYLAR Transparent Film

Face: Full Colour Inkjet Print

Base: Steel Plate with ABS White Base

Back: Safety Pin

Round Button Badge with Custom Print
Button badge can help you to do more than just express your opinion and support. With your own design, graphic and text, you can turn it into an effective marketing tool to promote your brand or raise awareness for your campaign.

Attractive and eye-catching, button badges are one of the most affordable and cost-effective marketing tool as they are likely to be taken as decorative accessories on bags, clothes, jackets, hats, caps, and other wearables. Thus, creating more and longer exposure to raise brand awareness and brand recall for your business.

Round Button Badges are essential in campaign and event promotion. You always see them used in every campaign and event, a proven example of an effective promotional tool. They make a magnificent giveaway for students and large social groups to help you carry across your message as supporters. They are more effective than a traditional poster campaign.

Let Signboard help you create your very own custom button badges, today!

A button badge has a safety pin on white ABS backing and a steel plate face. Graphic is then printed on a media and then laminated with MYLAR film for extra protection and a more vibrant finish.
  • It can hold your logo, brand name, other text, social media icon or even an image.
  • Suitable for promotion, collection, souvenir or other purposes.
  • Easy attachment to clothing, bag, cap etc.
Shape & Size Round – 25mm, Round – 32mm, Round – 37mm, Round – 44mm, Round – 50mm, Round – 58mm, Round – 75mm
Qty 30, 50, 100, 300, 500, 1000, Other Quantity (Please Remark)

Round Button Badge