Metal Badge / Enamel Pin

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Product Size: Custom Size

Back: Butterfly Pin, Safety Pin

Material: Aluminium Alloy, Iron, Zinc Alloy

Plating: Gold/Matte Gold, Silver/Matte Silver, Antique

Custom Metal Pin & Enamel Pin with Beautiful Design
Metal Badges and Enamel Pins are often used as tokens of recognition of achievement or contribution of individuals; they are also used as symbols of commemoration of special events.

Metal badges are widely used as school/leader pins and service awards; and made to commemorate the formation of an organisation, anniversary, centenary celebration and other important events.

As metals suggest prestige and significance in badge craft, they are an ideal choice for making quality and impressive badges of certain importance. We use a variety of metals for our badges, such as Aluminium Alloy, Zinc Alloy, Iron and so on. And finish with a variety of processes such as stamping, plating, painting and coating by our skilled craftsmen; to make your desired metal badges.

We offer pin or magnet attachment method for our metal badges and enamel pins.
  • Metal Badge production is an art of metal presentation.
  • Perfect for recognition and commemoration.
  • Used as a part of an organisation’s regulation uniform.
Material Aluminium Alloy, Iron, Zinc Alloy
Plating Gold / Matte Gold, Silver / Matte Silver, Antique

Metal Badge / Enamel Pin