Shelf Wobbler

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Material: Glossy Art Card 250gsm

Size: 54 x 89mm, 89 x 108mm, 108 x 180mm

Finishing Options: Round Corner, Die Cut

Lamination Options: Gloss, Matte

Shelf Wobbler – Glossy Art Card 250gsm
Shelf Wobblers are designed to grab the attention of passers-by. Your promotional messages are printed with our superb high-quality printing onto 250gsm Glossy Art Card and then attached with an extended clear plastic wobbly arm. For ease of delivery, these funky items are supplied in flat packs.

Want to get noticed in an eye-catching, memorable, innovative and fun way? Then look no further! Our Shelf Wobblers are just the thing for you! Attractive, quirky little wobblers designed to sit on the shelf edge of your products, novelty products, promotional bundles or special gift offers. Your Shelf Wobblers marketing messages are not limited to product promotions, sales promotions, meal deals, contests, giveaways, sale end dates, limited stock alerts and even QR codes.

Do not underestimate the effectiveness of these small adorable Shelf Wobblers. Your products and promotions will be noticed when your customers cannot resist doing double takes on the messages of your shelf wobblers.
  • Superb Quality Printed Shelf Wobblers.
  • Attract customers to look at your products and promotions on shelves.
  • Bring your store alive with these adorable wobbly shelf wobblers.
Size 54 x 89mm, 89 x 108mm, 108 x 180mm
Finishing None / Round Corner, Die Cut
Lamination Gloss Laminate, Matte Laminate
Qty 100, 300, 500, Other Quantity (Please Remark)

Shelf Wobbler