Soft Stand – Desk Calendar

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Stand: Coated Glossy Art Card 350gsm

Size: W150 x H103 mm (Landscape)

Front & Back Cover: Simili Paper 100gsm (2 Sheets) / Linen Card 240gsm (2 Sheets)

Content: Simili Paper 100gsm (6 Sheets) / Linen Card 240gsm (6 Sheets)

Process & Binding: Collating, Wire O Hole Punching, Wire O Binding (White)

Maximum Copies: [Simili] 30,000cps / [Linen] 300pcs

Finishing (Cover & Content): None

Desk Calendar – Wire-O – Soft Stand
Although digital calendars are readily available on our favourite devices e.g. smartphone and personal computer, desk calendars remain a common article on our everday work desk at work and at home. They provide information of dates and holidays at a glance or with a few easy page flips. With a simple mark or jot, it becomes a reminder of an important date. With that in mind, personalised desk calendar makes a great tool to promote your company, product and service, a year-round.

Soft stand desk calendar is a more affordable choice with the use of coated Art Card.
Content Simili Paper 100gsm, Linen Card 240gsm
Qty 100, 300, 500, Other Quantity (Please Remark)

Soft Stand – Desk Calendar