Premium Business Card

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Material: Embossed Cotton Name Card 450gsm, Embossed Cotton Name Card 600gsm

Size: 89 x 54mm

Optional Add-On: Hot Stamping

Premium Business Card – Embossed Cotton Card
A Business Card provides the first impression of your brand, business and profession to your potential customer or client. Signboard offers a selection of bespoke business cards. One of those is our Premium Business Card, the Embossed Cotton Name Card.

The soft and exquisite texture of our Cotton Business Card offers an instant impression of elegance with a delicate touch.

With our Embossing option, details of your business card will literally pop up. In the same process, an opposite effect is created on the other side; a recessed impression or Debossing can be your choice for the face of your name card should it fancy your preference.

We also offer the Hot Stamping option to add a shiny effect to the emphasis of your business card that will certainly give your name card a more luxurious look to your Premium Business Card.

Let Signboard help you to create your ideal business card that will impress anyone; from potential clients or customers to future business partners.
  • Premium Business Card is the perfect choice for you.
  • Its unique, lightweight structure makes it stand out from other cards.
  • Give your business card a premium and luxurious look and feel.
Material Embossed Cotton Name Card 450gsm, Embossed Cotton Name Card 600gsm
Finishing No, Hot Stamping
Qty 200, 500, 1000, Other Quantity (Please Remark)

Premium Business Card